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Reasons To Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Save Batteries
As Accus can be recharged thousands of times, they can replace thousands of alkaline batteries
Save money
Higher expenses will  be paid back in short time by frequent usage
Save Material and Packaging
The replacement of alkaline batteries saves a lot of raw materials and packaging as less batteries are produced
Save Water and Energy
Less batteries lead to less water and energy consumption due to lower battery productions
Save Transports
Lower battery productions and purchasing rates – as rechargeable batteries can be used up to 5 years – result in reduced transportation and pollution

Recharge Accu Endless

Save money and never run out of power – again! The brand new VARTA Endless Energy Rechargeable Batteries are especially designed for families and their kids living an independent life - Endless Power for all kind of situations and applications, where reliable sources of mobile power are needed. VARTA Endless Energy Rechargeable Batteries provide the highest no. of charging cycles with up to 3500 charges per battery (based on AA 1000 mAh, IEC 61951-2 ( Ed.3. Performance may vary according to use), pre-charged for immediate usage and a very low self-discharge - 60% of the initial capacity after 5 years (based on AA 1000 mAh, IEC 61951-2 (7.4) Ed.3. Performance may vary according to use).

Recharge Accu Power

VARTA rechargeable Ni-MH range with long-lasting energy high-sellers including specialized products and the broadest Ready To Use range. Ordinary rechargeables get discharged during storage and lose much of their capacity. Once charged VARTA Ready To Use rechargeables still retain up to 75% (for AAA 1000 mAh / AA 2600 mAh up to 65%) of their capacity after 12 months of storage. VARTA Ready To Use rechargeables do not require a special charger and can be used for all applications.

Device Oriented Specials

The new VARTA product solutions have been developed to always meet the daily consumer needs. Is it a cordless phone, a garden solar light, or all the new Christmas toys for your family, VARTA always offers the best energy solution to enjoy your time – convenient for you and preserving the environment at the same time.